Stella McCartney June 21st, 2018

Stella is expecting and due approximately the 3rd week of June.  Here is a picture of Stella and Reign from WIllowcrest who is the baby daddy.

Stella – Mommy

Reign – Baby Daddy

Here is the first picture of the puppies.  I will continue to take pictures but not to many until the puppies start moving around.  They just sleep and eat right now!!

Stella seems to find it so much easier nursing her puppies this way!!

The puppies are 1.5 weeks old, their eyes are starting to open and they are trying to get up on all fours.

Puppies are now 2.5 weeks old and starting to play with each other and their toys they have also found their voices.

Puppies are now in the kitchen with more space and really enjoying it.  They will be there for about a week till they go into the puppy room.

Puppies have moved into the Puppy room and loving all the space inside and out.


Mr Green aka Camo

Mr Black

Miss Yellow

Miss Violet

Miss Red

Miss Pink

Miss Lime Green

Miss Fuschia

Here are some recent pictures of Stella’s puppies in their new homes.

Yukon Gold aka Mr. Black with his life jacket on

Yukon Gold aka Mr. Black 12 week

Willow aka Miss Lime Green 10 weeks

Willow aka Lime Green 3 months

Stella Markle aka Ms Yellow

Rosie – aka Ms Violet

Alexa aka Miss Fuschia 3 months

Brodhi aka Mr. Black 4 months

Molly aka Miss Pink

Rosie – aka Ms Violet