Stella McCartney’s October 23rd 2017 Litter

Stella is officially expecting (morning sickness and all) she is due the third week of October 2017.

Stella – Mommy

Reign – Daddy

5 beautiful puppies….1 day old….All little boys

Stella is a great mom, she is so dedicated. The puppies are 2 days old.

5 little puppies all in a row. The puppies are now 4 days old.

The Puppies are 3 weeks old now and almost too big for their space.

The puppies are 4.5 weeks and we have moved them into their new space.

Here they are eating in their new space.

Mr. Black 4.5 weeks old

Mr. Blue 4.5 weeks old

Mr. Green aka Camo 4.5 weeks old

Mr. Orange aka Hunter 4.5 weeks old

Mr. Turquoise 4.5 weeks old