Lucy Lui May 30th 2015 Litter

Lucy’s puppies arrived May 30,2015 a total of 8 puppies, 3 boys and 5 girls with the first handsome little boy arriving at 1:25 a.m. They all are healthy beautiful pups who started to nurse as soon as they arrived. The last little girl arrived at 4:47 a.m.

Lucy did a great job delivering her puppies and is now a great mom staying with them all the time.  I have to coax her to go outside or eat her food.  When she comes back to her whelping bed she counts her puppies to make sure they are all there.  She is wonderful with her puppies.

I will try to post pictures on a daily basis of their growth.

The puppies were dewormed on Saturday and in a few days they will start to eat some solid food.

The puppies were given some puppy mush on Tuesday and loved it they are being fed twice a day now.

Lucy's Litter May 20,2015 (2)

Puppies are 2 days old

Lucy's Litter May 30,2015

Puppies are 2 days old

Puppies June 2.15-3

Puppies 3 days old, they are growing so quickly.

Puppies June 2.15-2

The puppies are happy and content.

Puppies June 2.15-1

Lucy is doing a great job caring for her puppies!


Mr Blue with a full tummy!

Lucy pups 6.4.15

Lucy’s puppies 5 days old resting after a great meal!

The puppies are almost a week old now and doing great!!

The puppies are almost a week old now and doing great!!

Lucy June 6, 2015 - 2 yr old

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy!!

Puppies June 6.15

The puppies are 1 week old today!

Lucy pups 6.9.15

Mr Blue and Mr. Turquoise nose to nose.

Lucy's pups June 9.15-2

Mr. Blue

Lucy's pups June 9.15

Beautiful Miss Purple

Lucy's Pups June 9.15-5

Miss Pink and Mr Blue

Lucy's pups June 9.15-6

Miss Green

Lucy's pups June 9.15-7

Miss Yellow

Lucy's pups June 9.15-8

Mr. Black

Lucy's pups June 13,2015

June 13, 2015 – the puppies are two weeks old today.

Mr. Black 6.14.15

The handsome Mr. Black

Lucy and puppies 6.14.15

Lucy is doing a great job!

Puppies eating 6.20.15

The puppies are starting to eat mushy puppy food and loving it!

Puppies 6.22.15

The puppies are growing so fast!

Puppies 6.22.15-2

Runny out of space in the whelping box, will be moving them to their new area soon.

Miss Red 6.28.15

Miss Red at 4 weeks old

Ms. Pink 6.25.15

Beautiful Miss Pink at 4 weeks old

Lucy's puppies 6.25.15

Last play time in their whelping box moving to their new home tomorrow.

Lucy's Pups 6.25.15

Play time

Puppies 6.28.15-2

All comfy in their new home!

Puppies 6.28.15

All tired out from their big move to their new home!

Lucy's Puppies 7.13.15

I have been sooo busy with the puppies that I haven’t been able to find the time to post pictures. The puppies require my full attention right now. You will notice how big they have gotten since the last time you saw them. Here is Miss Red after eating her dinner!!

Lucy's Puppies-3 7.13.15

All tired out after their play time!

Lucy's puppies 7.13.15-2

Mr Turquoise with a full belly!!

Miss Purple 7.13.15

Miss Purple outside playing and loving it!!

Mr. Turquoise 7.15.15

Mr. Turquoise 7 weeks old

Mr. Blue 7 weeks old

Mr. Blue 7 weeks old

Mr. Black 7 weeks old

Mr. Black 7 weeks old

Miss Green 7.15.15

Miss Green 7 weeks old

Miss Purple 7 weeks old

Miss Purple 7 weeks old

Miss Yellow 7 weeks old

Miss Yellow 7 weeks old

Miss Pink 7 weeks old

Miss Pink 7 weeks old

Miss Red 7.15.15

Miss Red 7 weeks old