Lucy Lui April 30, 2018

Ten healthy puppies arrived April 30, 2018. Here is Mommy and Daddy!

Lucy – Mommy

Reign – Daddy

Here are pictures of the puppies while they were being born.

Lucy welcoming her first baby girl.

May 1 2018 – Lucy and her 10 puppies in their new home for the next few weeks.

Here are some pictures of Lucy and her puppies at 3 days old!


Lucy and her puppies at 2 weeks old.

Lucy and the puppies 2 weeks old today.

Puppies eyes are opened at 2 weeks.

Puppies eyes are opened at 2 weeks

The pictures below will be the last pictures you see of the puppies in their whelping box. As of May 21st they moved into another larger area as they have outgrown their first home.

The puppies were moved into their new space and love it.  Lucy and the puppies have so much more room to move in and eat!!

The Puppies are now in the Puppy Room and loving all the space they have…….

The next step is to go down one step to go outside…’s a big step for these little puppies



Mr Turquoise

Mr Orange

Mr Green

Mr Black

Mr Bably Blue

Miss Yellow

Miss Red

Miss Purple

Miss Pink

Miss Lime Green